We’re getting handsy on the new Kiss Pop Lip Color Stick!


Do you think she’s happy in her new home?


Au natural At home in Brasil #photo @jeromeduran

IG: @prishivlani

Anonymous asked: When are ya going

After my final uni exams!

Ralph Lauren S/S 2015 at NYFW

Anonymous asked: I don't know how many other people would watch but I definitely want to watch your videos if you make some. :) Videos can be about whatever you want. Try vlogging your holiday in America, that would be so cool :D

My mom was suggesting I do something like that, so ya I’ll see what I can do :)


New York 1950s
Photo: Jay Maisel 


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi! (at Sheikh Zayed Mosque)


Model: Eden Bristowe @ 62/Chic
Client: Napoleon Perdis

Anonymous asked: So I'm looking at going to Palm Springs, can I stay with you and Zoe!?!!!??!!!

Hahaha well as seeing I don’t live in Palm Springs nup

Anonymous asked: Who are you going to America with? So jealous!!!

Family and then Henry and Zoe and Karl are coming along also!